A simple answer for a tricky question: Because we are unique!

Indeed we chose to name our company ‘Bloo Nimboo Voyages’ to tease you and we reached the point!

‘Nimboo’ is a local lime unavoidable in our daily life, available around the year, found everywhere! Not only in the kitchen, but in Religion, in superstition etc. ‘Bloo’ to rhyme with Nimboo of course but not only! because out a hundreds of competitors, we are ‘Out of the Box’ in a big way but by taking care of the details which will make the difference between ‘A trip’ and ‘The trip’!

We are a young company but with Indo-French owners, Philip & Valerie and because of their passion for travelling and sharing, they embraced this career three decades ago. Thanks to their experiences by working for well-known companies on the Indian Sub-continent, Europe and Middle –East, they gradually accumulated skills enabling them today, to guide their dedicated team. Their office is purposely located in one of the busiest areas of the Indian Capital.

Our Moto is ‘The Zest of the Essential’.

Engage your customers to travel with us and their feedback and testimonial will speak for us.
Travelling on the Indian Sub-Continent is not an easy task…but our commitment & devotion will supply to the ‘Unexpected’! We live in and love our countries but we definitely know that a constant attention is required on a minute to minute basis! Your customers are our Guests and we hope that we will be able to work all together as a team and not only as suppliers versus clients.